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Cosmetic dentistry in Norfolk form a large part of the treatments we provide. Our dentists are trained in modern cosmetic options and regularly attend lectures and conferences on how to deal with the most complex cosmetic case.


From simple teeth whitening to multiple dental crowns, we are often able to transform your smile and improve confidence in a few short weeks.


Helping patients achieve a perfect smile is important for improving confidence and wellbeing, we smile and laugh throughout the day, and feeling like you need to laugh with your hand in front of your dark, discoloured or crooked teeth is embarrassing.


So if you are embarrassed about your smile and wish to see what the alternative cosmetic dental treatments are then please book for a consultation today.



We supply a wide range of types of false teeth or dentures.  We take a great deal of care when we make your new dentures so that they are a comfortable and secure fit and look beautiful when you speak, smile or laugh.



Why not replace your missing teeth with a fixed solution?  We can place a custom-made bridge which is very strong and is held in place with dental cement.  Bridges provide the next best thing to giving you a new tooth back.



There was a time when if you lost a tooth, it was gone forever. Not anymore. With our range of implants, we can replace the root of your real tooth with titanium, and attach an artificial tooth which will fit perfectly with the rest of your teeth.



One of the quickest and most pain free ways to look younger is to whiten your teeth.  We can supply you with custom made whitening trays and gel which will restore your teeth to their former glory.



Tooth movement has been turned on its head by the arrival of the new clear braces which fit closely over your own teeth and gently move them into place whilst no one knows you are even wearing them – We promise not to tell! They will provide you with beautifully straight teeth.



Dental veneers are a great way to improve confidence and help you feel great about your smile. Veneers can correct stained, dark or malformed teeth, crooked teeth, and uneven smiles with porcelain veneers.



Porcelain (tooth coloured) inlays and onlays are an excellent way to restore confidence to your life, so if you find you are aware of your dark silver amalgam fillings, then why not have them replaced with brand new fresh tooth coloured inlays.



For patients that no longer wish to have dark grey amalgam fillings, we are able to remove these and replace with a fresher white filling for a more natural and confident smile.


Attendance at Just Smile is strictly by appointment only.


All enquiries for appointments should be submitted by e-mail to  Please be patient as we will be dealing with all enquiries on a strictly prioritised basis.


Our practice has always been well prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases.  We are currently working with even more enhanced measures than normal to keep patients and the practice’s staff safe.




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