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At your first visit to our practice you will be welcomed by our reception team and asked to fill out a medical history form if you have not already. You will then meet your dentist and nurse and discuss any problems or concerns you may have.


The Just Smile First Examination takes anything up to an hour. As you would expect our experts will check everything including the teeth, gums, jaw and surround soft tissue.  We may use several diagnostic tools to assess the health of these areas such as:


Having gathered all this information your dentist will then discuss their findings and if required recommend treatment options. We encourage you to ask questions and to get involved because we believe that a collaborative approach is best.


Depending on the complexity of the treatment required the dentist may need an additional appointment. This will allow us to take impressions for models of your teeth and give time to consider the best treatment options for you.



Many patients come to our King's Lynn practice simply to find the best dentist that will look after them, this is why we offer a range of services to help patients that want their teeth repaired and restored to how they were years ago... without lots of cosmetic dentistry.



We have a wide range of fillings available and appreciate the importance of natural healthy looking teeth so do our best to make all work virtually invisible.  Our techniques are modern, painless and constantly evolving. 



One of the causes of tooth ache can be an infected tooth.   Rather than taking your tooth out we can save it with a root filling – no more infections, no more toothache.



Sometimes, a broken tooth cannot be filled but we can still repair old, heavily filled or broken teeth with crowns and inlays.



It is not always necessary to extract problem wisdom teeth, but if you have pain from the same side on more than one occasion, you should get them checked.



A crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive or cement. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials.  They can be made from plastic, ceramic or metal alloys.  A combination of metal and ceramic is also possible to maximise strength and simulate the appearance of natural teeth.



Sometimes the best way to retain a badly decayed or broken down tooth is to undertake a root canal treatment, known as endodontics.  


Attendance at Just Smile is strictly by appointment only.


All enquiries for appointments should be submitted by e-mail to  Please be patient as we will be dealing with all enquiries on a strictly prioritised basis.


Our practice has always been well prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases.  We are currently working with even more enhanced measures than normal to keep patients and the practice’s staff safe.




Sandpiper House

Leete Way

West Winch

King's Lynn


PE33 0ST