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Membership of Just Smile:


Your membership of Just Smile begins following a New Patient Examination.  The full cost of this appointment is taken on booking this initial appointment.  Membership is considered to be terminated 15 months after your last routine examination.


As a member of the practice it is your responsibility to ensure we have correct and up to date contact details for you e.g. address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses where available.

As a member of the practice it remains your responsibility to book and attend regular routine dental examinations with your dentist at the prescribed intervals.  This is particularly important as we give priority for emergency appointments and treatment appointments to patients who have attended for routine examination appointments at the intervals prescribed by the dentists and hygienists.  To assist with this our Reception Team will normally always book your next appointment at the agreed interval before you leave the practice.


Our Reception Team will also attempt to contact patients in respect of routine examinations that have become overdue. Should you have failed to attend for a routine examination appointment at the prescribed interval within a 12 month period we will endeavour to contact you.  Should a period of 15 months or more have lapsed from your last visit to Just Smile an extended Returners’ Examination appointment will be scheduled for you to allow all the necessary information to be collated again.


Our Reception Team endeavour to assist members attendance by printing or sending e-mail and / or text message confirmations of appointment bookings, and reminders leading up to appointments. 


During our office opening hours our Reception Team are always on hand to confirm the details of booked appointments by telephone, e-mail and text message.

Customer behaviour:


At all times it remains the member’s responsibility to attend appointments at the correct time and date.  Just Smile holds no responsibility for any possible disruption of courtesy e-mail, telephone or SMS services, or failure to send Members reminders of scheduled appointments.


Just Smile will not tolerate violence or aggression which is defined as:


Appointment Cancellations and late arrivals:


If you need to cancel your appointment please contact us giving us as much notice as possible.  We politely request at least 48 hours’ notice*.


Please arrive promptly for your appointments.  Patient’s arriving more than 10 minutes after their appointment time may be asked to rebook and the appointment will be treated as a missed appointment.




Information on fees


We are committed to ensuring that patients are given sufficient information about the costs associated with their care to allow them to make informed decisions. Where changes to treatment are agreed with a patient, we ensure that any cost implications are explained.


An indicative price list of treatments available at the practice is displayed in the waiting room and published on the practice website.


Estimates and bills


Before any routine treatment is undertaken, the treatment options and associated costs are explained in full to the patient in a way that the patient understands. The patient is allowed time to consider the information provided and to ask questions.


For treatment involving more than a single item of dental treatment for which a treatment plan requires constructing Just Smile routinely requests a non refundable £100 treatment planning fee.  This treatment planning fee is treated as a deposit only against the total fee for the entire treatment plan.


A written estimate of the costs and, where appropriate, treatment plan are provided for all routine dental treatments. Details of any fees incurred and payments made are recorded in the patient’s clinical records and checked at each visit. Payments that remain outstanding are also recorded. Where appropriate, patients are given an itemised bill.


In the case of emergency dental treatment it is not always possible to provide an estimate for the treatment provided beforehand and it is to be accepted that all treatment provided is limited only to that necessary to alleviate the emergency presented.


A fee based on the administrational time spent is levied for on all referrals made for services outside of Just Smile.


Appointment Booking:


When booking an appointment to see our hygienists a deposit of at least £45.00 is routinely taken.      This deposit will not be returned in cases of non attendance or cancellation without 48 hours’ notice* and a further deposit of at least £45.00 will be required to secure any further hygienist appointment.


For treatment with our dentists we routinely take at least a 50% deposit against the total fee on all appointments of 30 minutes or longer.


In the case of appointments booked for treatment referred from other practices the full fee for treatment may be taken up front.


Charges for Late Cancellations and Missed Appointments:


Although it is never our wish to do so, a charge will be made for appointments that are cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice* and for missed appointments.


In the case of missed appointment, or cancellation without 48 hours’ notice* Just Smile reserves the right to withhold any deposit paid.


Where a missed appointment has been prepaid for by virtue of membership of our Membership Scheme a charge may be made at the practice’s standard fee for any subsequent replacement appointment.


Methods of Payment


We ask that you complete payment as laid out on your estimate before leaving at the end each appointment unless otherwise agreed with your dentist.


We accept cash and all major credit / debit cards with the exception of American Express.  Cheques are not accepted.


Patients are informed of the charge before any payment by credit/debit card is taken.


Patients are reminded about our payment policy when they make an appointment.


Whenever a payment is taken, the patient is always offered a full itemised and dated receipt.


If a patient offers to pay part of the full cost, the part-payment should be accepted but the patient must be advised that the amount paid is not accepted as full-and-final settlement.  The patient should be given a statement showing the original invoice amount and date, the date and amount of the part-payment, and the amount still outstanding.


Outstanding payments


A regular check of the treatments provided against the payments received is undertaken by Theresa Arnold and reminders sent to patients who have missed payments.


If no payment is received within seven days, a reminder will be sent inviting the patient to contact the practice regarding payment options.


If, following the second reminder, no payment is received, a final reminder letter will be sent and the patient advised that further failure to make a payment may result in the practice instructing a debt collection agency or taking legal proceedings.  Details of the agency will be provided to ensure that the patient knows who may contact them at a later date.


If, following the final reminder, no payment is received; Andrew Egan will consider how to progress the matter. Action may include the engagement of a reputable debt collection agency or formal legal action.


The patient will be informed that, for the purposes of collecting the debt, their details may be passed to a third party.




There will be occurrences where we will need to refund a patients money.  Should the refund be for a removable item such as a denture, this must be returned to the practice before the refund can be given.


Refunds for prepayment, or a deposit, for an appointment will be returned subject to a 10% administration fee.


To help the benefits of dental treatment last as long as possible requires skill on the part of your dentists, great materials and the best equipment. We also need some help from you!


The best designed car will eventually go wrong if it never receives a service. The principle is true of your oral health and the length of time that the benefit of any treatment lasts. That is why our Dental Treatment Guarantees require everyone to attend Just Smile for dental health checks and hygienist appointments at intervals agreed with you. You can attend these appointments on a pay-as-you-go basis however our Membership scheme offers the best value at only £19.20 a month.




All private dental treatment provided at Just Smile will be guaranteed for 1 year. The guarantee will not cover damage caused by trauma or accident. Restorations that are not the recommended treatment of the dentist cannot be guaranteed. Failure of any restoration due to poor oral hygiene, poor diet or failing to follow our preventative advice will not be covered by the guarantee.


Extent of Guarantee:


The guarantee applies to dental restorations which under normal conditions of use:

In this case, we will restore, repair or change any restorations free of charge.


The Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated if:


The Guarantee does not apply for the following:


Treatment that is exempt from the guarantee:


The dental treatment guarantee will not apply where caveats are placed upon the guarantee, either specifically by the dentist for that particular treatment, or overall due to the nature of the treatment supplied.


Treatment that deviates from the recommended treatment offered


Where a patient decides to not take up one of the recommended treatments by the dentist, then it is at the discretion of the dentist whether that treatment should be guaranteed and, if guaranteed, for how long. The dentist will note in the records that the patient has deviated from the recommended treatment offered and state what level of guarantee is to be applied for that particular treatment.


Treatment where the outcome cannot be reasonably controlled by the dentist


These treatments are those that are influenced by the patient’s overall health and lifestyle. These include periodontal treatments.


Root canal treatment


There are high risk factors for which a guarantee cannot be given. The anatomic differences and the large number of variations for each individual mean that we cannot assure everything even with the most careful of dental treatment.


Invalidation of the guarantee:


Should the patient fail to attend for the regular maintenance (routine examinations and hygienist treatment) as requested, to the extent that this lapse is three months or greater from the due date of the maintenance, then any guarantees given are voided. It is then at the discretion of the dentist whether to reinstate the guarantees, if the patient agrees to attend for regular maintenance in the future.


External trauma causing damage to any of the restorations placed under the guarantee will not be covered under the guarantee policy.


Claims under the guarantee:


If all the above criteria are met, and a restoration was to fail within one years, then the patient is entitled to have it repaired at no cost, providing it is the restoration itself that has failed, and not another part of the tooth.


Problems arising after treatment:


Please note, that if a recently treated tooth subsequently causes a problem (that was not seen during the diagnosis, X-ray or consultation) Just Smile does not take any responsibility for the need of additionally treatment (including root canal treatment). We will do everything to ensure the final, corrective treatment is carried out, but this shall be administered at the patient’s expense (complex root canal treatment, extraction, plan for the new prosthetic works and the preparation).


*for the avoidance of doubt this is defined as two clear working days


In accordance with current guidelines attendance at Just Smile is strictly by appointment only.


Our Reception remains closed to general face to face enquiries.


All enquiries for appointment should be submitted by e-mail to  Please be patient as we will be dealing with all enquiries on a strictly prioritised basis.


Our practice has always been well prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases.  We are currently working with even more enhanced measures than normal to keep patients and the practice’s staff safe since our return.




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